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Kinco Premium Grain Deerskin Driver Large Gold


Naturally soft and supple, these deerskin drivers are ideal for light jobs like roofing, maintenance, driving, gardening, hand tool usage and more. Their ergonomic thumb gives you full range of motion for gripping, turning and other intricate movements.

Naturally soft & supple golden premium full grain deerskin offers ample dexterity & pliability for continuous, comfortable wear
Easy-On™ cuff with shirred elastic wrist facilitates quick on & off use, while tightening the shell material to the hand for a secure fit & providing an additional preventative measure to block debris from further entering the glove
Pieced grain deerskin hem incorporates an added piece of material, which creates a finished look, holds all layers of the glove together, & prevents fraying
Out-seam index finger provides the smooth, comfortable feel of a seamless interior & eliminates rub points that often accompany bunched material typically inside the glove
Ergonomic keystone thumb design, which includes an extra sewn-in piece of material, offers flexible, full-range of motion & helps to prevent hand fatigue
Gunn cut pattern allows for fewer seams between the fingers, reduces the exposure of seams in high-wear areas of the palm, & allows the back-of hand base material to remain seamless for longer wear & comfort
Leather welt at high-contact base of middle & ring fingers reinforces seam strength & durability

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