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Manna Pro Adult Poultry Care Conditioner

Manna Pro

Condition Your Poultry for Ribbon Winning Success

A comprehensive pelleted supplement helps condition birds for performance & exhibition. Complete fortification for vigorous, healthy birds, and brilliant high-quality plumage.


  • Helps condition birds for performance and exhibition
  • Supports brilliant, high-quality plumage
  • Provides complete fortification for vigorous, healthy birds

Outstanding ingredients:

  • Calf-Manna®, an excellent source of protein and energy
  • Flaxseed meal concentrated energy with omega 3 fatty acids
  • Fish meal, high levels of quality protein and omega 3 fatty acids
  • Amino acids, provide the building blocks for muscle growth and development
  • Comprehensive mineral/vitamin nutrition, used by the body for soundness, structure, health and fitness
  • Chelated trace minerals more absorbable form of minerals
  • Digestive aids, helps improve feed utilization including maintaining feed intake during times of stress
  • Also contains yucca, kelp, and anise flavor

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